6.50 Index

6.50 INDEX:

Minimum 12 Index cars required for full payout. All classes run 1/8th mile.

  • All run field. Ladder at 16.
  • Street door cars and trucks.
  • Any power adder.
  • No throttle stop.
  • No wheelie bars.
  • No electronic control devices other than ignition box permitted on vehicle.
  • Delay box must be non-operational and not used.
  • No counters.
  • No nitrous timers.
  • Trans brake allowed.
  • Working lights required.
  • Any engine, power adder, transmission or suspension allowed.
  • Electric shifter & air shifter OK.
  • Any tire allowed.
  • Nitrous button or micro switch OK.
  • 6.50 break-out rule
  • Auto Start will be in effect.
  • .400 tree
  • Tech officials have final discretion on all rules on race day.
  • All NHRA Safety Rules Apply.
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Last updated: December 19, 2022