Heavy Street


16 Car 1/8 Mile Qualified Field3,500 lb. base weight (Door Cars Only)

  • Stock style and general shape car/ truck bodies, must have working tail lights.
  • Must be self‐starting
  • Factory produced cars with VIN numbers
  • Any tire size allowed
  • Diaper/oil retention device required
  • Naturally Aspirated – deduct 500 lbs
  • Small block N20 – deduct 500 lbs
  • 6 Cylinder Turbo – deduct 450 lbs (add 200lbs for N20)
  • N20 4.840 bore space Chevy, 4.890 Mopar, 4.900 Ford (No Billet Heads) – deduct 500 lbs
  • N20 5.0 bore space (No Billet Heads) – deduct 100 lbs
  • Blown & Turbo Small Blocks – deduct 100 lbs
  • Single Carb – deduct 25 lbs
  • Conventional headed BB – deduct 50 lbs
  • 275/28 inch tire Deduct 50lbs
  • 1st round of eliminations ‐ Opponent broke competitor must notify official timer (in tower) or race director no later than one hour prior to call for first round of eliminations. If this is done, an alternate will be placed in the last qualifying position, ladder will be reprinted. If closer than one hour prior to call for first round, opponent broke bye will be run. Must take tree and be qualified car to receive first round money.
  • All engines are subject to P&G at any time. Only a driver or car owner can protest another participant. It will be up to BMP as to if the protest is warranted. All protest are at the sum of $300, if driver being protested wins protest driver/owner of such car will receive $300. Race director or race tech may waive, amend or modify any rule at any time for any single occurrence and or for good cause.
  • Payout based on 16 car field.
Thanks for your cooperation!

Last updated: December 18, 2018