Open Outlaw

  • Altered, front engine dragster, rear engine dragster or funny cars allowed.
  • Must have “SFI approved ballistic blanket”.
  • No top alcohol dragsters or T/F.
  • Funny cars limited to 14-71 supercharger.
  • Screw supercharger prohibited.
  • Rear engine dragsters must have torque converter.
  • Courtesy staging and auto start will be in effect.
  • .400 pro tree
  • Must race 1st round to get 1st round loss payout. Must take tree under own power.
  • Ladder – Outlaw ladder will be run. 16-1, 15-2, etc. If not full field, blanks will be loaded for unfilled spots.
  • 2 qualifying runs required.
  • 1st round of eliminations – Opponent broke competitor must notify official timer (in tower) or race director no later than one hour prior to call for first round of eliminations. If this is done, an alternate will be placed in the last qualifying position, ladder will be reprinted. If closer than one hour prior to call for first round, opponent broke bye will be run.
  • Must take tree and be qualified car to receive first round money.
    Minimum 14 cars required for full payout. Must have 16+ to run 16 car field. For 32 car field events, Minimum 28 cars required for full payout. Must have 28+ to run 32 car field.
  • BMP has final say on all rules.
  • All NHRA Safety Rules Apply.
Thanks for your cooperation!

Last updated: December 20, 2016