Super Pro Bike

  • Front brakes mandatory.
  • Chain guards and clutch cover mandatory.
  • Electronics OK.
  • 16.99 & under 1/4 mile for brackets.
  • 11.00 & under 1/8 mile for brackets.
  • Engine kill switch attached to rider or factory tip over switch is required on 0 to 10.99 1/4 mile and 0 to 6.99 1/8 mile vehicles.
  • Snap-back throttle required on all vehicles.
  • Ridged front forks are not permitted.
  • All machines must have properly secured seat, foot pegs and handle grips.
  • Nitrous Oxide permitted on bikes going 9.99 1/4 mile or 6.40 1/8th mile or quicker only. Any unsafe vehicle will not be permitted to race. Any vehicle that exhibits unsafe handling characteristics at any time will be disqualified.
  • Each participant agrees to familiarize themselves with all applicable rules and regulations prior to competing in any BMP/NHRA sanctioned event.
  • Helmet: SN-2000 or newer, K 98, 2000 or SFI 31.2 or 31.2 mandatory. (See general NHRA regulations)
  • All riders must have boots/shoes above ankle, leather gloves and a leather jacket.
  • Any rider quicker than 10.99 1/4 mile or 6.40 or quicker 1/8 mile must have valid NHRA competition license.
  • Leathers or SFI approved riding suit on all bikes 9.99 or under 1/4 mile.
  • All NHRA safety rules apply
Thanks for your cooperation!

Last updated: February 20, 2016